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Land Owning Law FAQs
Question :  Can I , as a foreigner, Purchase Land in Thailand in my own name ?
Answer : A foreigner cannot own land in his own name. He can purchase the land through his company ( Thai limited company ) or he can lease the land for 30 years, usually with extra 30 year options. Further details on this subject can be found here <Click Here>

Question : What is the maximum number of shares I can hold if I register a Thai Limited Company?
Answer  : All foreigners, other than Americans, can hold a maximum of 49% shares in a Thai limited company. Further details on this subject can be found here <Click Here>

Question : If  I purchase a bar or restaurant, but do not work in that business do I need a work permit ?

Answer  : Thai law stipulates that as a foreigner, if you are working and do not receive an income you still need a work permit. Even if you purchase a business and do not physically work, but you receive an income from that business, you need a work permit. Further details on this subject can be found here <Click Here>


Question : How many Thai Shareholders do I need to form a Thai Limited Company?

Answer  : This depends on the number of foreign shareholders. The minimum requirement is a total of 7 shareholders, 1 foreign 6 Thai, 2 foreign 5 Thai etc. Further details on this subject can be found here <Click Here>


Question : What are the advantages of having a work permit ?
Answer  : Having a work permit means you are legally allowed to work and receive an income in Thailand, you can obtain a 1 year multiple entry visa, open a bank account and purchase a telephone in your own name.


Question : I want to purchase a business, purchase a plot of land and build my own house. How do I get started ?

Answer  : Easy, as you would in your own country, you leave it to the professionals. Asialand Co.,Ltd will guide you through the whole process, from finding the appropriate business, registering a company, acquiring the land, design and construction. We will even find you a rental home whilst your dream home is being built.

Question : How is land measured in Thailand . What is a Rai ?
Answer  : One rai is 1,600m2 or 2/5 of an acre.

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